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I also like Valkubus, Calzona and Shawson

•21 years old
•Like to watch movies and get my cuddle on :3
•Love my friends
•English is not my first language so excuse me If I talk no sense

•Shows I watch / follow:
-Grey's Anatomy
-Chicago Fire
-2 Broke Girls
-Lost Girl
-Orange is the new black

• Last but not least I love Britney Bitch <3




Do you remember Ken? The little boy who had been giving his dinner to starving dogs. 9-year-old Ken just opened a no-kill dog shelter. Faith in humanity restored. 

Ken’s mission is simple and straight-forward: “The official at the pound said most dogs are put down because only 20-30% of owners claim their dogs, and no animal welfare organization is doing something about it. I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason.

Although Ken has wanted to shelter stray dogs for a while, the ball really began rolling after pictures of himself feeding stray dogs went viral. Strangers from all over the world expressed their support for him and decided to help him achieve his dream. Now, with some help from his dad and other concerned locals, he is helping stray dogs on the street recover from their many diseases and illnesses and hopefully find a loving home.

My dad told me it would take a lot of money and 20 years for me to get an animal shelter. He said only grown ups can raise enough money to start an animal shelter,” Ken explains on his website. “Some very kind people who saw these pictures donated money to help me care for the dogs. We got enough money to get the dogs I was feeding off the street, feed them high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care. They gained a LOT of weight, their open wounds healed, and their fur grew back. They also learned not to be scared of humans.

To donate to Ken’s shelter, Happy Animals Club, click here.



My favorite part about you is that under your crusty, bitter exterior lies an eternal optimist. You give all us fools second chances when we screw up, and that is why we love you.

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